Expressing Thrivability: Lonny Grafman

Gratitude. I want to highlight some people I feel grateful to know and experience, people who are expressions of thrivability.

Lonny Grafman headshotRecently I saw Lonny Grafman.  Do you know him? I met him in his role as the founder of Appropedia – the encyclopedia for appropriate technology solutions.

He is a Practivista. He is head of product for Nexi, a startup being incubated at HighwayOne. Lonny is so multi-dimensional. Sometimes he is in the Dominican Republic building homes out of local materials with his students. Sometimes he is in NYC working on an art project that gets us thinking about living systems design (

While Lonny is the epitome of hacker engineer, he is also deeply rooted in what it means to be human, how to honor and respect each other, and how to be with each other in practice. I admire what he does. More than that though, I admire how he is – his beingness. Human. Funny. Compassionate. Solution-focused. Present. Perceptive.

Lonny holds several of the keys to thrivability for me. Thank you Lonny.