Fund kick-off

After three years of exploration and network building, writing and discussion, planning and processing, is just about ready for kick-off. We will have a soft launch to our friends and collaborators this month (August) and will run a pilot for three to six months.

While I have self-funded the development until this point, the work is for the commons. And if it is to be our shared organization and movement, then it must expand beyond my effort and my funds. We own this work together.

Are you willing to make a commitment to becoming thrivable? Buy me a virtual cup of coffee to keep me alert on this effort.

Have you already felt the effects of my work and the emergence of thrivable? Pay it forward for others.

My sincere gratitude for your faith in this emerging idea and project. Thank you for your commitment to a better world for all.

3 thoughts on “Fund kick-off

  • way to go jean, is #1 in google under trivable and you are only $1025 from meeting your August goal.
    Lets talk today on how to keep you and this wonderful partnership and initiative thriving.

    I want to be one of your founding donors. Lets see…need to figure this out in next week. xoxox

    a deep bow,

  • Whoops that’s only $205 from goal. Hey good going.
    Still will work on closing gap, then on to Sept. And so it goes.

    Good work for Aug!


  • Thank you Tracy! We flew by my first goal (of $1000) with the first donation, so I raised the goal and allocated more time to the project. Looking for challenge/matching gifts for September fundraising. I am hoping 2-4 months of fundraising will conclude our donor driven portion, as we move into a working revenue model.
    Warmly dear friend.

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