We are available for speaking engagements, interviews, and writing projects. Please contact us and download Jean Russell’s resume and photo.


Honorable Mention, The Enrich List, Post Growth Insititue

Current Writing Projects

Thrivability: Breakthroughs for a World that Works, completed, working on plublication

LEAD: Leading Conversations that Matter, booklet scheduled for release April 2013

Action Spectrum, book in process with co-author, tentatively scheduled for 2014


Thriving as a Way of Life, Marti Spiegelman: Voice America, August 2011.
Gathering11 podcast #8 with Jean Russell, August 2011.
A Thrivable You: Leilani Henry, KGNU, Denver Independent Community Radio, January 2011.
Thrivablility: Flash Collaboration, Oresund Centrum för Publikt Entreprenörskap, Malmo, Sweden, June 2010.
Interview with Hans Peter MeyerConscious Capital Series, July 2010.
Are You Thrivable? by Kerry and Peggy Duvette, Wiser Earth Blog, March 2010.
Worlchanging Interview with Jean Russell by Jon Lebkowsky, Worldchanging, September 2009.
What is Thrivability, #Yitan weekly calls on navigating change in technology and society, August 2009.

Public Speaking

Thrivable, community gatherings in New York City, San Francisco, and London, 2010-2011.
Designing for a Thrivable Society, Hub Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.
A Thrivable World Emerges, Gathering11, Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.
ROI of Network Organisms, HUB SoMa, San Francisco, CA, April 2011.
Inside Out: Social Dreams and Realities of Business in a Social Media Age, CEO Club, Normal, IL, March 2011.
People Power, SXSWi, Austin, TX, March 2011.
Thrivable Chicago Workshop, Chicago, IL, December 2010.
Connecting Social Innovators, simultaneous global gathering, November 5-7, 2010.
Thrivable San Francisco Workshop, San Francisco, CA, October 2010.
Thrivability, Chicago Business Innovations Lab, EDF, Chicago, IL, August 2010.
Thrivablility and Flash Collaboration, Malmo, London, Brussels, San Francisco, and Berkeley, April-June 2010
Chicago NetTuesdays, nonprofit technology monthly meetings, Chicago, IL, March 08-February 2010.
Networked Love, Bonding, Intimacy: Our Interactive Culture Clouds, SXSWi, Austin, TX, March 2010.
Thrivable Networks and Network Weaving workshop, Tutor/Mentor Conference, Evanston, IL, November 2009.
Be an Attractor: NurtureGirl’s Guide to Online Etiquette and Inviting Participation, Community Media Workshop, Chicago, IL, May 2009.
Online Learning and Collaboration Panel, Public Engagement Symposium and Tech Showcase,
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, March 2009.


Interview with John Hagel, Gathering 11, May 2011.
Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch, ebook (over 14,000 views), curator/producer, March 2010.
Inspired Philanthropy, contributor, 2007.
Donor education materials and websites, 2003-2009.
Child survival materials and websites, 2003-2005.
Text and Territory, Mediations Journal, Volume 22, Spring 1999.

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