Flash Collaboration Discussion

Announcement The HUB Berkeley, Friday April 9th at noon Berkeley, CA Brown Bag lunch with Jean Russell, curator of Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch. Jean will present and discuss flash collaboration. She used this process to involve 70 collaborators from across the world in producing an ebook in less than 90 days. The ebook was repeatedly[…]

Catalytic Philanthropy

I am so deeply offended, I felt compelled to write, and now share with you. The following is my reply to Catalytic Philanthropy, an article in the Standford Innovation Review by Mark Kramer. It is subtitled: “Despite spending vast amounts of money and helping to create the world’s largest nonprofit sector, philanthropists have fallen far[…]

Collaboration and Complementarity

Collaborate with others to build your visibility, their visibility, gain access to resources, share access, increase value. Complimentarity. And I mean something pretty simple with this–who compliments what you are doing? Who has a similar market to your which will allow you both to increase your visibility to your target? What products and services compliment[…]

Subversive Giving

Of course activists have long given their time and money to causes, but this sort of activism I have not seen before. This kind–the kind where people contribute to a cause, planned parenthood, in the name of a political personality so that this personality would be blanketed in the usual “a contribution has been made[…]

Relationship building

I was writing in response to a question posed by Mark Carter on facebook this morning. He asked what does one do to build relationship after the hello. And I wrote about authenticity and being as the crucial elements to making relationships. But this line came pouring out, and it didn’t fit the rest of[…]