Resilience Ain’t Enough

It isn’t enough to repair the damage our progress has brought. The unintended consequences of our efforts to improve quality of life for humans has repercussions and requires action.  Yes, and. It is also not enough to manage our risks and be more shock-resistant. Now is not only the time to course correct and be more[…]


photo credit: dgoomany My grandfather was the foreman for bridge-building crews. And for the last year or so, I have been focused on building conceptual bridges from the old economy into the new. Maybe that is a grandpa gene. As I have been exploring this work of bridging from the old to the new, one[…]

DIY Economy

I have just returned from an incredible event in Asheville, North Carolina on the DIY Economy. I helped facilitate two sessions on building the coalition for the DIY Economy that Josh Middleman convened. Here are my notes and drawings with brief explanations for those who were not there. Together, we are building a new, Do-it-yourself[…]

Asking Questions

We must be careful about asking old modernism questions of the new era. The answers do not compute. This includes things like “why isn’t there a static finite answer to questions about what makes us thrive?” or “why aren’t women successful in traditional male fields **using masculine terms of success**?” Why can’t we answer with[…]

Adventures in New Giving

I am super excited to see Adventures in New Giving And perhaps a bit jealous. If I could focus the time and energy, I think Nathaniel is doing what I would do. (see his video here: ) For years, I have lived a double life working in traditional progressive philanthropy to pay rent while[…]

Nurturing Change: Metrics Matter

Summary: We live in a complex emergent world. When you put energy into nurturing a larger space – one beyond your control and possibly even your influence, be wary of assuming causal connections. Look for probabilities and correlations. When looking for metrics: use multiple perspectives to help develop measures that go beyond your assumed (and[…]

Something Great Together Again

Thrivability is participating in something great together again. Thrivability asks us – what might we achieve together that is great? What might we do to flourish? It asks us to move beyond the contraction and fear that resides in “sustainability” framing and create something fun, engaging, lively, creative, agile, resilient, enduring, and evolving. We teeter[…]

Breakthroughs for a Thrivable World Part 2

Entry Point 1: Individuals What is the story we tell about people in this Darwinian world where capitalism dominates the ideology? Traditional western economics, dating back to Adam Smith describes humans as rational self-interested creatures. Being kind to others is assumed to be driven by selfish motivations, for example, creating obligations of reciprocity. However, neuroscience[…]