Play with me!

Last year when we created the Thrivability Sketch, I zoomed through the project. Why? Because people motivate me.  Being in touch with and inspired by others is a major driving force for me. Thus, coordinating contributions from over 65 collaborators and compiling a book were the most pleasant 16 hour days I have had in[…]

Nurturing Change: Metrics Matter

Summary: We live in a complex emergent world. When you put energy into nurturing a larger space – one beyond your control and possibly even your influence, be wary of assuming causal connections. Look for probabilities and correlations. When looking for metrics: use multiple perspectives to help develop measures that go beyond your assumed (and[…]

Help Others Thrive

Helping others to thrive sounds lovely and idealistic, right? Turns out to be hugely practical. If you are developing social software and looking for investors, you can be sure they are going to ask how you are building community. Who has done this well? Those who created a space for others to thrive. I was[…]