Fund kick-off

After three years of exploration and network building, writing and discussion, planning and processing, is just about ready for kick-off. We will have a soft launch to our friends and collaborators this month (August) and will run a pilot for three to six months. While I have self-funded the development until this point, the[…]

Messes–there is no right answer

I still find myself resisting my own crazy idealism. But life experience has brought me to understand something a wild teacher in high school said to us. “There are no right answers, there is only more or less appropriate.” Life is messy with little black and white and a whole lot of rainbowed spectrums. story[…]

Collaboration and Complementarity

Collaborate with others to build your visibility, their visibility, gain access to resources, share access, increase value. Complimentarity. And I mean something pretty simple with this–who compliments what you are doing? Who has a similar market to your which will allow you both to increase your visibility to your target? What products and services compliment[…]