Messes–there is no right answer

I still find myself resisting my own crazy idealism. But life experience has brought me to understand something a wild teacher in high school said to us.

“There are no right answers, there is only more or less appropriate.”

Life is messy with little black and white and a whole lot of rainbowed spectrums. story of stuff

Work is complicated. There are always compromises. No worker or organization lives in some ideal world where they don’t compromise. What matters is the choices around when and where to compromise. And each of us are the only ones capable of making those choices and living with them.

What makes this all bearable? One, we have no choice. Bear it or do something else. Two, it is navigating this complexity which makes it interesting and each of us unique. Three, the spectrum brings color and light to life, embrace the intricacies as life flowing experience.

Language is not black and white either, though it might look it sitting on the page in colored ink and white space. It is a fluid breathing beast that roughly translates what we have inside us to others. Metaphors are never perfect. It is all messy. And therefore everything that we do through language is already and always to some degree imperfect and unpure. Scientists, theorists, and other black/white seekers might want rigorousness, but as long as they use language, there is always a resonance of poetry and multiple meanings and multiple interpretations. Multiple frames of understanding and relevance. There might be more and less appropriate, but there is little black and white, right or wrong.

Thus we have play…difference…complexity.