Strange Attractor Design

We had a series of aha moments. Herman was explaining a recent design choice. We connected it with a prior design choice, and this took us to a transcending moment of seeing how these patterns are at work. This unleashed a raw flurry of cascading aha moments, which are roughly captured here. Designing Networks Consider[…]

Help Others Thrive

Helping others to thrive sounds lovely and idealistic, right? Turns out to be hugely practical. If you are developing social software and looking for investors, you can be sure they are going to ask how you are building community. Who has done this well? Those who created a space for others to thrive. I was[…]

Why the optimism?

In the face of all the catastrophe thinking and story-telling, why the optimism of thrivability? photo credit: h.koppdelaney This optimism is not blind idealism or the search for some dreamy utopia. A thrivable world will exist (and has existed) in a strange balance and tension where there is more health and generativity than illness and[…]

Collaboration Mixing Board

This morning I read a RT from @jhagel: Open source trumps crowdsource – by @cdgrams And an idea that has been bubbling in the back of my head came to the surface begging to be set free. Collaboration and Cooperation are complex processes. Setting up them as rivals diminishes the value each provide us. One[…]