Resources Lost

Still here at netsquared. Looking around at the audience in this economic sustainability session…and I think we are not capturing the resources that are in the room. When someone is sitting not far from me that is with pledgebank, and yet we aren’t talking about pledging…or Bring Light, who sponsored the event, doesn’t get to[…]

Netsquared N2Y2

San Jose at Cisco for the Netsquared N2Y2 event thanks to Omidyar Network and the Omidyar Network Community. We had speed geeking mixed with a Yahoo and Cisco talk the first part of the day. The speek geeking was appreciated by some as making it easier to get a sense of projects (as opposed to[…]

Attending Barcamp Portland

Barcamp Portland. We started Friday night with networking and the creation of our sessions. I met some great people including Kara from White Lotus Design. Kara and I have similar haircuts and had on similar shirts. We decided to find out what else we had in common. Definitely a lot more than these superficial things.[…]

Thriving with Complexity

From simplistic thinking to embracing complexity…writes Dave Pollard. He states: There are ten things to remember about complex adaptive systems (which include all social and ecological systems): It is impossible to know ‘enough’ about such systems to prescribe blanket ‘solutions’ to ‘problems’ in such systems: There are too many variables. A one size answer never[…]

Acknowledgment Tools

I just had a fantastic conversation with Eric Harris-Braun of Open Money. I am really excited to share this with you. Eric has started talking about currencies in a new way. He talks about wealth acknowledgment. Open Money, of course, is a group of people (Micheal Linton, Jean-Francois Noubel, and Eric Harris-Braun) working to open[…]