Netsquared N2Y2

San Jose at Cisco for the Netsquared N2Y2 event thanks to Omidyar Network and the Omidyar Network Community.

We had speed geeking mixed with a Yahoo and Cisco talk the first part of the day. The speek geeking was appreciated by some as making it easier to get a sense of projects (as opposed to reading about them online). However others felt like the presentation might impact voting bubbling up personalities rather than worthy projects. I didn’t feel strongly either way. There is clearly a very broad spectrum of people here in their understanding of what Web 2.0 is about and how to use it.

Collaboration is a buzz word that half the people speaking it don’t understand.

I have been most impressed by Genocide Intervention Network. The young energetic man speaking about the organization, radiates 2.0 behavior and thinking. He talks about tools and practices that build identity for their participants/members. I would love to see more of the projects here learning from the GI net model.

The event itself could be much more collaborative. I would love to see more collaborative practices and exercises. What about rewarding those who identify an area for improvement AND suggest what to do OR offer the necessary resources to move forward. Maybe we should be acknowledging attendees with collaboration stars or something. What does each person here have as a resource to contribute? Where can we post to each project what we think would help them? How do we incentivize the flow of resources in ways that could not happen any other way than through THIS event? How do we reward those who are modeling what we collectively perceive to be the leading edge?

How do we amplify the good things?