Co-Created Solution Design Workshop at Chicago Bioneers

I hope you will join me November 2nd in Chicago for a workshop on Co-Created Solution Design at Chicago Bioneers. This workshop is for you if: you work with others that you don’t have total control over to come up with new ideas or actions you want to tap into the wisdom of a group[…]

Multi-dimensional Constructions

For simplicity’s sake, we often pretend we live in a one or two or maybe three dimensional world. By which I mean, for example, in the world of “identity” I am a white woman from the middle class. Those are two “planes” of the conceptual realm. The first thing we need to correct is that[…]

Recent Fascinations

Things that have been fascinating me for a couple years… things I believe are crucial to the emerging age: Relationship of node to network in defining context and therefore meaning. Picture the image and quote misattributed to Lincoln on Facebook. Lots of stuff on the web is creating a crisis of context. Globalization produces a[…]

We_b2 and Ci2iGlobal

I am incredibly excited to announce our affiliation with ci2iglobal, the Collective Impact and Innovation Institute. We have been hard at work behind the scenes for over a year, working together to share our wisdom, create useful tools, and facilitate powerful events and laboratories. Our event, We_b, in January at the HUB Brussels brought together some[…]

Adventures in New Giving

I am super excited to see Adventures in New Giving And perhaps a bit jealous. If I could focus the time and energy, I think Nathaniel is doing what I would do. (see his video here: ) For years, I have lived a double life working in traditional progressive philanthropy to pay rent while[…]