Being Web 2.0

It is not about the tools! It is about being organic, distributed, and discerning. It is about emergence and collaboration. Organic not controlling. Web 2.0 is not about controlling. Organic and Emerging, yes. Directing possibly. Controlling, no. Anything that hopes to limit, contain, own, restrict, or control is not, at its essence, web 2.0 regardless[…]

Making Money Make Change

(posted by Phil at Gifthub and listed at Resource Generation….and Tides… Money Making Change Retreat Challenging Wealth Disparity, Creating Justice Registration is open for the 2007 Making Money Make Change (MMMC) Retreat. This is the big annual conference for young progressive people with wealth to come together to be supported and challenged in making creative[…]

The Unsaid

One of my favorite books in college was called the Mystical Languages of Unsaying. But this is not about unsaying. It is about a giant elephant in the room. Conversation. Conversations can be about growing an idea or growing a connection. They can be about refining and becoming more rigorous. Whatever the subject and aim[…]


Listening seems really important. But to go beyond that and be actively listening there need to be a spark of curiosity. To go beyond hearing what someone has to say and be engaged in discovering them and their ideas–that reveals several things about both parties. First, that you really care and honor them as a[…]

All over the place and focus

I suppose to some people my interests appear to be all over the place: philanthropy, currencies, technology, visualization, mapping, marketing, coaching, leadership, process arts, community development, art, creativity, and some other issues too like globalization, the bottom of the pyramid, social entrepreneurship, etc. And most of these areas I have enough understanding to listen and[…]

Giving and Partnership

Always a source of wisdom, insight, and fantastic probing, GiftHub posts: Some of my favorite people, including Anne Ellinger and Tracy Gary, are written up in the Chronicle of Philanthropy for raising the question of how much wealthy families should keep for themselves and how much they should be giving back to society. This is[…]

Endings and Beginnings

With soon to close the doors piled on top of my frustration at the lack of self-governance and community-nurturing practices, I am looking for new homes. Have been looking around for a few months. Never going to MySpace…no way, too cluttery, and too little community feel. Second Life…went there…but it seems my computer can’t[…]

Community Management

I was over at Fast Wonder today, and Dawn has a great list of roles for a community manager to play. I find it interesting how languages of different groups play a part in how we describe things. I agree with her role descriptions as things we need in community, with my background, however, I[…]