Endings and Beginnings

With Omidyar.net soon to close the doors piled on top of my frustration at the lack of self-governance and community-nurturing practices, I am looking for new homes. Have been looking around for a few months.

Never going to MySpace…no way, too cluttery, and too little community feel.
Second Life…went there…but it seems my computer can’t crunch the info…waiting to get a new one…but I am not sensing that SL is good for project management. Created profile: Yes Bright.
Tribe…seems interesting, but it just didn’t resonate with me. Created profile.
Facebook…ummm, has some interesting tools, but I quickly got overrun by friends asking me to add applications, and I wondered if conversation was really at the heart of it or if it was something that happened on the side…too profile based. Created and maintain profile for the sake of advocacy.
Ning…have a profile there, created a closed community for a philanthropy-related project, nice use of tools and such, but I hear it gets more frustrating the more you get into it…good for the surface work and not so good for building visibility. Created profile and group.
Zaadz…well I went there moons ago, bounced around, found way too much fluff, although the site arrangement was fun and interesting….more focused on conversations…why don’t they have the super nifty conversation tracking tools of Onet?…Created and sorta maintain profile. Thinking of deleting everything I can now that they got bought out.
Linked In…well I have been there a long time, but the only thing I do there is connect to people…and that seems pretty dull. I want conversation, innovation, and better world building! Created and maintain profile.
Razoo seems interesting…does have more of the project management tools that I had wanted at onet and seems to bring people together and balance profile and action…I am still checking it out…will see what population emerges there and if they really mean action and have some good intellectual capacity. They do seem to have a more advanced reputation tool, which I am excited to see.Created profile, joined groups and causes, started cause.

For the most part, I suspect I will be hanging out more here and at nurture.wagn.org or at the transition and beyond wagon for onet members at o.wagn.org.

You can also find me at AboutUs.org or transitioner.org…and probably a dozen places I am forgetting today as the search has been long and involved!

One thought on “Endings and Beginnings

  • Hi Jean,

    Thanks for your commentary about Razoo and our compadres in the “social networking for social good” space. You’re not the only one feeling lost with the closing of Omidyar. We’re sad to see them go, too, but hope that Razoo will provide a welcoming home for Omidyar alums. (By the way, thanks for creating the Omidyar alum group — great idea! You may know that we have a $10,000 contest for groups w/ 100 members — you can check out the details here: http://beta.razoo.com/win10k.)

    We’d love for Razoo to become your new home, so let us know how we can help you settle in. 🙂


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