Experience Stories

Today I posted on twitter: “It continues to amaze and baffle me how much the interior mind creates the experience of the exterior world. What do you do with that?” It simply deserves more than just that, so I am expounding on it here. Play with me? First, let me not imply that the interior[…]

Financial Thrivability

I have had google alerts on “thrivability” for three years now, and I was very excited when a recent alert sent me to a press release: The Patterson Foundation Invests in Partner’s Thrivability. When the Patterson Foundation uses the term thrivability, they mean financial thrivability. Our collaborator Kevin Clark has also been working with nonprofits[…]

Positively Insane

Today Gregory (On the Spiral) tweets: Which links to a Scientific American article, The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking. And I think this is a great excuse to debunk the sense that because I am positive focused and nurturing, that I live in some lala land of illusion where everything is soft and beautiful and unicorns[…]