creating conversations: receiving with grace

Conversations….mmmm, I love having them. But the art of conversation is not celebrated enough in our culture. And it is becoming ever more critical online as we struggle with tools that don’t communicate facial expressions or even intonation. So what can we do to bring forth conversation and nurture it? Of course there are some[…]

We add up…

We sure do…we add up all our buying and tossing ( and then our electricity consumption and our cars…and it all adds up to a world beyond sustainability. On the other extreme of thriving. But we can add up in other ways too. We can add up in our effort to make change. This Earth[…]

Shine Unconference

Calling all social entrepreneurs in England or willing to travel there. Have the discussions you want with your peers! Meet and learn about what interests you. Unconference.

Green Girl at 6footSix

Through my dear friend Steve Crandall, I became aware of this amazing woman, Colleen, who is 6 foot 7 and plays beach volleyball professionally. What we all share, besides being tall, is a passion about climate change. Colleen and Steve have been brainstorming different ways for her to create sponsorships so she can continue to[…]