Change–We are it!

So I know I have been writing mostly about politics and issues lately. I apologize for not being more focused on nurturing. Part of it might be that I am working on the nurturing ideas on the thrivability blog. Part of it might be that I have been doing more than talking lately. And part[…]

MacArthur announces Digital Media and Learning awardees

Great to see the list of winners. I helped several friends with their application. Unfortunately they are not on the list. However, the projects listed appear to be strong and valuable. Projects like Fractor are both innovative and potentially powerful. Fractor links news stories to opportunities to take action. Don’t just read the news, do[…]

Speech? Press? Free?

BBC: A controversial website that allows whistle-blowers to anonymously post government and corporate documents has been taken offline in the US., as it is known, was cut off from the internet following a California court ruling, the site says. Here’s how the homepage looks now. Background on Wikileaks at Wikipedia. Slashdot reports that Wikileaks[…]

Disturbing and Amazing

I received an IM today from a good friend in Africa. Amazing and delightful to have this communication open. How incredibly stunning to me that we can instant message across the world, especially into places in Africa. Like Chad. What is deeply disturbing and also amazing is that he was IM-ing me as he was[…]