Change–We are it!

So I know I have been writing mostly about politics and issues lately. I apologize for not being more focused on nurturing. Part of it might be that I am working on the nurturing ideas on the thrivability blog. Part of it might be that I have been doing more than talking lately. And part of it might be that now seems like a critical political time. I promise to get back to nurturing social change in a more targeted sense…but first, this passionate post about Change.

Several posts ago I argued for Gore to be president. And I do love how he is coming forward in the world to strongly and clearly push for change. However, I must accept that he isn’t going for the presidency…so who am I stuck with? I decided against Hillary…over many months, but it was really clear to me when I saw a friend’s facebook “what am I doing” that said “Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton” and it hit me like a lumber truck. Yikes, I DON’T want more of that pattern! So I started looking at this Obama character more. I remembered when he became senator and there was talk years ago that he had the charisma to go for the presidency in 08. And here we are.

I saw more friends jumping on the Obama wagon, and I raised an eyebrow. Really? Hmmm, I wonder why. Then a friend emailed his speech in Atlanta…and I saw the “Yes We Can” video….and I started to wonder. Do we really have a potential candidate that has some morals? Some aspirations for unity and change? Some hope? Really? I dared not hope. But I did start to sign on–Obama became my choice.

But it really struck me hard, and I become convinced last week. Not because of the great winning streak or the videos and media around the guy. No, I became convinced when I spoke with my cousin. She is a precinct captain for Obama. Obviously she is a fan, and her explanation of politics likely biased by her preference. No matter, the story she told me is what moved me. She told of going to an event for Obama a year ago. And while it is usually a white, middle to upper class, college-educated, and older crowd that gets involved in pushing a campaign…she said the people showing up to work towards Obama for president came from many classes, races, and ages. And she said when she went to an event to offer herself as precinct captain, she saw again–a strong turnout from a very mixed audience. She talked about meeting people who had never voted, and they were now–not just registering to vote–they were volunteering to campaign. There is a giant awakening–the grassroots push for change.

And I walked away from that conversation with hope in my heart. Might the mighty sleeping beast of American engagement across race, class, age, sex, and religion be waking up to take back control. Might things have become so astonishingly bad in the last 8-20 years, that we as a country are ready to participate in democracy because we finally recognize we each have skin in the game?

Americans have too long been voting on party lines and against their own self-interest. Republicans have too long been manipulating the polls. It is time to show in great and magnificent numbers that we clearly want change. Let there be no doubt about numbers this year. Let us voice in unison our call and support for major shifting of politics here. Let us shout to the world that we, as a people, want to re-engage in the world as servant leaders for uplift.