Strange Attractor Design

We had a series of aha moments. Herman was explaining a recent design choice. We connected it with a prior design choice, and this took us to a transcending moment of seeing how these patterns are at work. This unleashed a raw flurry of cascading aha moments, which are roughly captured here. Designing Networks Consider[…]

Co-Created Solution Design Workshop at Chicago Bioneers

I hope you will join me November 2nd in Chicago for a workshop on Co-Created Solution Design at Chicago Bioneers. This workshop is for you if: you work with others that you don’t have total control over to come up with new ideas or actions you want to tap into the wisdom of a group[…]

Nurturing Change: Metrics Matter

Summary: We live in a complex emergent world. When you put energy into nurturing a larger space – one beyond your control and possibly even your influence, be wary of assuming causal connections. Look for probabilities and correlations. When looking for metrics: use multiple perspectives to help develop measures that go beyond your assumed (and[…]

Thrivable Leadership : Interview with Kevin A. Clark

Each Wednesday, we post an interview with someone who is living, exploring, or championing aspects of thrivability – people at the forefront of cultural, organizational, or individual change. Kevin A. Clark is an award-winning brand strategist, experience designer, author, and transformational catalyst.  He is President and Founder of Content Evolution LLC formed in 2002 to[…]