Why the optimism?

In the face of all the catastrophe thinking and story-telling, why the optimism of thrivability? photo credit: h.koppdelaney This optimism is not blind idealism or the search for some dreamy utopia. A thrivable world will exist (and has existed) in a strange balance and tension where there is more health and generativity than illness and[…]

Fiscal Futures

This evening I attended (with a brand new twitter friend) the MacArthur Foundation and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s America’s Fiscal Future: Making Difficult Choices event. Oh, I have lots of thoughts to share, but sharing them usually only gets half done… so I am shifting modes and sharing with you just a light dose[…]

Collaboration Mixing Board

This morning I read a RT from @jhagel: Open source trumps crowdsource – by @cdgramshttp://bit.ly/bIn1at And an idea that has been bubbling in the back of my head came to the surface begging to be set free. Collaboration and Cooperation are complex processes. Setting up them as rivals diminishes the value each provide us. One[…]

Catastrophe Thinking

I am pretty sure my entire life has been lived under the hovering cloud of the¬†apocalypse. Sure there were moments of possibility – the fall of the wall, the election of Obama, the end of apartheid in South Africa. But mostly the global events we hear about focus on the end of civilization as we[…]