Disturbing and Amazing

I received an IM today from a good friend in Africa. Amazing and delightful to have this communication open. How incredibly stunning to me that we can instant message across the world, especially into places in Africa. Like Chad. What is deeply disturbing and also amazing is that he was IM-ing me as he was boarding a bus. They are being evacuated. He doesn’t know where he will be tomorrow–but it won’t likely be Chad. He won’t be there, the good doctor, tending to the refugees and teaching medicine.

It seems so very far away. And yet, a piece of my heart is with my friend, listening to gunfire.

He is with StopGenocideNow, I hope. He mentions the hotel that I know StopGenocideNow filmed at.

Please send warm and positive energy to our brothers and sisters in Chad. Send love and goodness to my friend as he and our StopGenocideNow team luckily get extracted.