2 thoughts on “A Thrivable World Emerges

  • Indeed, Jean, it is about connecting and sharing the stories we tell each other to expand the range of possible actions and emotions each of us feels safe to connect to. If we take face-to face as one way to experience a wide context of conversation, electronic tools reduce context and increase focus. All the way from video conferencing, to collaborating via wikis, blogs, forums, e-mail and the virtual keyhole communication of twitter. These tools act as the synapses of the collective conscious. We are learning to scan for cues in a short time to determine trust, just as we did around the campfire and on town square. We move from binary friending/following to a spectrum of +1 and circles. While it is the people who drive collaoration, value and thriability, it is the tools that introduce losses and friction. How to minimize the waste of attention is to me one of the big questions to cocreate value with human connection and ineraction. Effective solutions, tools and techniques that widen ccontext and reduce friction losse can help liberate dormant energies toward finding the soulmates that well help each other and toward getting things done the way we envision. Big.

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