Play with me!

Last year when we created the Thrivability Sketch, I zoomed through the project. Why? Because people motivate me.  Being in touch with and inspired by others is a major driving force for me. Thus, coordinating contributions from over 65 collaborators and compiling a book were the most pleasant 16 hour days I have had in my working life.

So when I was encourage to write something of a manifesto for thrivability, I forgot that what drives me and brings the most wisdom out is the connection with others. And thus I tried to be something of a hermit when writing. What a different experience!

When I was in New York city speaking with Amy Sample Ward about the Breakthroughs book and my effort to write and fundraise, she reminded me to connect into the network. So let’s shift direction on this. I invite you to play with me and others who believe a thrivable world can breakthrough now.

Get involved in a chapter that you find compelling or join in for the whole process. yes, of course your name will be included and attribution given, but we know that isn’t why you want to play. You want to play because, like me, you enjoy the process of emergence that happens when playing with others. Come play!

It is almost that easy. However, to get this done and do it right, I need to devote time and attention to not only the writing but the community engagement. So I am asking for a small administrative donation to give me dedicated time to nurture and guide this gathering. $25 to play per chapter. A chapter takes roughly a week. $200 grants you access to play in all the chapters.

Click here to see chapters to play with and brief descriptions of them.

See a sample chapter on

Chip in your $25 for a chapter and get the schedule on when we are working on it.

Or sponsor the whole effort!

Current Champions:

  • Manar Hussein
  • Herman Wager