The Upward Spiral

Thrivability is all about the intentful creation of upward spirals, positive feedback loops between elements that are generative of diverse, adaptive abundance. This is true both for the design of the ecological aspect of systems, as well as for the social aspect of systems.

One thought on “The Upward Spiral

  • Hi
    I make seashells of polymer clay. I was an active shell collector(I killed live snails for their shell homes). I reconnected with American Indian justice issues in 1987 which turned me into an eco friendly person. I quit collecting and buying cold turkey. But my love of the spiral was still there and I brought my knowledge of the form for seashells with me tio now make them in a free form manner with this clay.

    This has given me the chance to become intimate big time with the spiral form. How it comes into being. So I have seen that the downward spiral in society must be reversed by an upward spiral. Just as youy have. I am teaching others how to make these shells and in so doing, focus on creating upward spiral thought as they do the shells.

    Thought you might want to know about what I’m doing.

    Annie Olson

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