Network Weaving: A Key to Creating Thrivability

My roots are connected deep into the ground, engaged in a continuous interplay with the soil, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, insects, and water, gathering nourishment to help me thrive.  My leaves and branches dance with the wind, the sun, with animals, birds, insects, microorganisms, bacteria, all in continual flow. My body returns to the soil and is soon transformed into new life. And so the cycle continues.

A thrivable entity is one that is richly and dynamically interconnected into its ecosystem, engaged in a process of continuous co-creation. The upward spiral.

So when looking to grow a thrivable venture, to nurture an upward spiral, one of the primary considerations is in connecting it into a rich dynamic network of resources, to help nourish its growth, in a way that brings value to all concerned. Networks are all about dynamic exchange.

So to be thrivable, you need to know all about Network weaving! (thanks June / Valdis / Jack)

Weaving the network of advisors.
Weaving the network of ideas.
Weaving the network of supporters.
Weaving the network of collaborators.
Weaving the network with society.
And weaving the network with nature.

A dynamic process, weaving consciously opens and holds the space for the ongoing communication and flow.

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