Come to the Thrivable Future Salon Oct 14 in SF

Mark reading Thrivability in the hammock

Mark Finnern reading Thrivability in the hammock

When we met in 2012 at an alternative currency event in NYC, I could not have imagined today. Here it is! So exciting!

Back then, he was interested in my word, “Thrivability” and led Future Salons in SF. A couple years later, while in SF, we agreed to meet again. He wanted me to talk at his Future Salon.

We never really had that conversation. Instead, we discovered each other. The overlaps in interests and approach were significant, from small things like the soft boiled eggs, to big things like wanting to co-create a world that works (and have fun doing it!). This summer, we married on the beach where we often enjoy sunset picnic hikes.

Thrivability can be like that, full of surprising and delightful twists.

Rather than just having me speak at his Future Salon, Mark Finnern has merged his work with mine (and me with his!).

We will be hosting our first Thrivable Future Salon October 14th at 6pm at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

Here is the invitation! After a warm welcome, we will host an Open Mike for you to share your ideas and interests in co-creating a more thrivable work that works. We are particularly looking for ideas that tie back to something one can take action on right now.

The future is created by the present.

Both of us believe we are all in this together. While we will sometimes have speakers, our focus is on high participation among peers (read: you). Come play with us!

Of course, not everyone can be available that evening or be in San Francisco. We will try to webcast it using Spreecast. But look for more webcasts including our friends from across the globe in the near future.



Future Salon, please meet Thrivability… and Thrivability, allow me to introduce the Bay Area Future Salon! [Read history below if this doesn’t make sense.]

Hello all. Welcome to the Thrivable Future Salon where we meet to discuss and challenge each other in co-creating a more thrivable future that works for all. We have some audacious goals for the future, sure, and we are having a fun time together moving in that direction.

If you are curious or even passionate about creating the future, imagining new possibilities, or wanting to thrive in your life, work, and community, then come join us!

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From the angle of “what will make me, us, and all of us more thrivable” we want to have discussions at this and future events about:

  • Collaboration and co-creativity in practice
  • Open source and other forms of network production
  • Tips about personal thrivability
  • Open government and the future of democracy
  • The future of work
  • The future of learning
  • add your Thrivable Future topic here!

Open Mike

For this relaunch event, we would like to solicit topics from you! Open Mike style. If you want to present a 5 minute talk on your own thrivable future topic, let us know by filling out this form.

Sharing Online

Tweet: Create the future, imagine new possibilities, or want to thrive in your life, work, and community, then join us at Thrivable Future Salon! [LINK]

Hashtag: #TFS

Webcast: For those not in the room, we will try to webcast via Try this link. However our focus is on the in person event. Let us know if you want to help with organizing the webcast.

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  • Doors open at 6pm for you to connect with each other and grab a beer.
  • At 6:15, our formal event begins, including a warm and hearty welcome.
  • Introduction to Thrivability by Jean Russell
    Future Salon by Mark Finnern.
  • 5+5 minute Open Mike talks (sign up now if you want to offer one).
  • Summarize and synthesize together, answering the question:
    “What can you do for a more thrivable world now?”

We hope you join us afterwards for casual conversations and drinks nearby.


We thank Pivotal Labs for sponsoring this event by providing our event space.

We are seeking a food sponsor. Drinks are provided by Pivotal Labs.

Contact us if you like what we are creating and would like to be a general sponsor for Thrivable Future Salons. Send an email to mark at finnern dot com.


Mark has been hosting the Bay Area Future Salon since 2002. The Future Salon has provided our audience with riveting speakers on topics that lead toward a world that works for all, including David Brin, Nicole Lazarro, Mickey McManus, Howard Rheingold, Doug Engelbart, and more.

Ten years later, Mark met Jean Russell, a founder of Thrivability. Jean co-created the Thrivability Sketch with 70 amazing collaborators in 2010. And then in 2013, she released, through Triarchy Press, Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works. The tagline for the Future Salon has been: Bolding Creating a World that Works for All.

And so, with a tremendous shared sense of purpose and practice, not only did they marry, they are weaving the Future Salon and Thrivability together in the Thrivable Futures.

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