Expressing Thrivability: Michelle Holliday

Gratitude. I want to highlight some people I feel grateful to know and experience, people who are expressions of thrivability.

Today, I want to express gratitude for Michelle Holliday. She is a facilitator, organizational consultant, researcher and writer. She brings people together and helps them discover ways they can feel more alive, connect more meaningfully with each other, and serve life more powerfully through their work.

I first encountered Michelle when my network was excitedly sharing this slideshare:

Michelle clearly gets how aliveness, integration, and living systems are the key to thrivability. A year later, she gave this ted talk.


More recently, she co-created this amazing and playful community inquiry that went around the world, Thrivable World Quest. I am such a big fan of her work that I gave her the thrivability twitter handle I had been holding onto.

If you are interested in how organizations can be resilient, adaptive — indeed, how they can thrive using living system principles, talk with Michelle! And keep an eye out for her forthcoming book, The Age of Thrivability.