Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday I attended a little performance my daughter and her class did for the mothers. It was, of course, truly heartwarming to see my daughter perform. She loves to sing, and she emanates pride in herself. However, these songs and poems often felt odd to me. One piece talked about Mom being someone who makes cookies. Huh, when was the last time we made cookies together. Sure, we do it sometimes, but this is not what I think motherhood is about. To me motherhood is about deeply loving someone no matter what for who they are at every level in every nook of their being. My children fascinate me. I try to let go of my ideas of who they might become and allow them to be just who they are.

That is not to say that I do not try to shape and guide them. My service to them is to equip them in ways that will serve them and our society (since these things are intricately linked) over the long haul. I try to hold this as a conversation between their being or nature and the way the world appears to work to me. This has nothing to do with the sugar in cookies, right?

My job as their mother is to give them love and support as they navigate the world. As their mother, I strive to empower them with the knowledge, savvy, and joy to move with grace through a complex world.

And you may wonder why this is my approach to mothering… well, because in so many ways, this is what my mother did for me. She had a light hand in my daily activity, offered adoring love and yet held high standards, modeled grace, and she trusted me to navigate my world. Sure, at times she would intervene explaining what she could intuit from a situation. However, most of the time, she let me explore on my own: explore nature, people, myself, our library, my spirituality, and my life path. She and I see two different worlds when we look out from our hazel eyes, and I am sure my children will perceive a world I can’t know from their hazel eyes. She let me inhabit my world, and in turn I try to let my children inhabit their world and their lives fully. And may we each and all serve and co-create a world the future generations can explore too.

To my mother on this mother’s day, for her amazing elegance and grace in navigating her world and preparing me to navigate mine. She already has an abundance of flowers. This gift of care for Mama Lucy and the children she cares for feels like something that my mother will really appreciate with her huge heart. If you would like to create a heart space for an amazing and inspiring mother in your life, please visit

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  • Hi Jean,

    Beautifully written about sentiments I certainly share with you. The best gift my children ever gave me was one I received a few weeks ago and was NOT intended to be a gift. I took my son for a hair cut. When he was done, it was much shorter with much less care required in the morning before school. I mentioned that to him…then commented on how interesting it was that he and his twin sister had reversed traditional roles—she had no time for fuss in the morning. He was in front of the mirror quite a bit while getting ready. He said to me that it was because I always let them be who they are and never forced them to fill those traditional stereotypes of who society said they should be. Music to my ears-I worked hard to make that happen, but was never sure it was a reality or that they realized it. It is a conversation I will treasure forever!

    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful gift!

    • Thank you Heidi. I enjoyed your story about your son, and I can see why you would treasure that gift. Beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

  • Your words of motherhood so speak to the sense of mothering the world hungers for….and the sense of mothering that women like you through your life and your business are quenching that world with. I’m so grateful to know of you and look forward to continuing to grow with you.:)

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