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I saw this in my twitter stream today:

RT @zyOzyfounder: Cool way to follow 182 social entrepreneurs on Twitter via @montero

And I admire and follow tons of people on this list. However, it claims on that link to be comprehensive. And I am quite sure that there are more social entrepreneurs on twitter than that. Now, it may depend on how you define social entrepreneur. Are you thinking bottom of the pyramid business? Are you thinking poverty allieviation? Are you considering only organizations or individuals who have revenue streams? Are you thinking just of innovations (focused on the entrepreneur portion of it)? Do you want to include people who are passing around information about social entrepreneurship, even if they are not themselves the entrepreneur? Or do you just want those making the impact on our social spheres? I included in my additions (see below) people who are in my twitter stream that I think of as “in the realm of” social entrpreneurship. They would show up somewhere on my social entrepreneur network map. Maybe they serve the sector, maybe they add to the conversation, maybe they are emergent, maybe they are bridging between social entrepreneurship and green issues. I did try to steer away from theorists who are innovating tools and tech for social entrepreneurs – that is a whole other list.

I didn’t get everyone I follow that didn’t make the 182 listed. I included some I didn’t think should be missed. Who else would you add?

I recommended:

  • rmchase – founder of zipcar
  • IdentityWoman – innovating in identity and around women’s issues
  • indabamf – innovating on philanthropy
  • Silona – innovating in government tools and civic community
  • sbraiden – engaged in socent conversations for 5+ years (
  • 18percentgrey – creating online space for social good
  • byrnegreen – green MBA, start-up socent
  • gbolles – biz partner to Kevin Doyle Jones
  • amoration – socent in gaming space
  • neddotcom –, nedspace, nedwater – socent leader on community
  • ChristinasWorld – ashoka fellow, life in africa, social media socent on collaboration
  • nuance_intel – collaborative space/incubator for socent
  • DorotheeRoyal –
  • davidhodgson – greenmba, ideahive
  • justinmassa –
  • weaddup – green identity and action innovative small biz
  • appropedia – open source shared tech

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