Currencies and Wealth Acknowledgement

Oh, I have been sniffing around the edge of this field for years now. I am not a core participant, but I keep tabs on folks working in the field. So today I got a request to intro someone to the thinking in that area. I thought I might share it with all of you!

What am I missing? Who are your favorites? What is needed?

* Arthur Brock – alt currency, might have stuff on (leading edge, unfortunately the info doesn’t flow and follow as fast as he thinks and works, best to talk directly)
* Eric Harris Braun – (conceiving wealth in multiple forms and building meta-currency system)
* Timebanks and the work of Mark McDonough (long standing community time sharing system)
* Charity Focus and anything Nipun Mehta works on, like Karma Coins (innovator in currency practices and games)
* Art often recommends Money by Greco as a good intro read
* Michael Linton and his pal Ernie Yacub do a lot of community currency: CommunityWay
* Tara Hunt, online community builder, is coming out with a book on Whuffie reputation as currency) this year
* and don’t forget Cory Doctorow: which is a great start.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Currency conversations are very alive right now, given the economic crisis. More attention is being given to what systems can work both as alternatives and in addition or alongside “money” as we currently know it.

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