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I submitted this to a blog asking where nonprofits were doing social networking and knowledge management. Specifically he was asking why foundations are not supporting social networks and knowledge networks. My comment was not posted–and when I went to check another comment had been posted (so he does post comments).  Thus I am sharing it with you here.

This is what I wrote:
I imagine connec+ipedia might be closest to what you describe. www.connectipedia.org (uses wagn–a wiki-style database) by Meyer Memorial Trust, focuses on Oregon now, but it is open to any and all.

www.wiserearth.org (created by Paul Hawken – see Blessed Unrest)

and for social entrepreneurs:

changemakers.net (Ashoka)
socialedge (Skoll Foundation)
We used to have Omidyar.net as an online community (Omidyar Network)

For local community leaders anywhere in the world who may or may not have nonprofits but are very grassroots, we are working on revising software for Catcomm.org, a tech awards finalist.

There is also Change.org and dozens of other online communities for social good that try to help people exchange knowledge, make connections, and champion organizations.

Via microblogging, things like nonprofit pulse pulling together nonprofit microblogs.

For nonprofits interested in social media and technology, there is NetSquared (a project of techsoup) and NTEN.

Can you explain clearly how your vision goes beyond these–because I think there is something to evolve here. And I am very interested in helping make that happen.

There are around 1.5 million nonprofits. I believe that stat is the US alone. Then include foundations, family foundations, corporate foundations, socially responsible companies, etc. The potential audience is gigantic, diverse, and most of it significantly underfunded.

Thanks for sharing.

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