Generational Convergence

On the fly…so I am not going to provide stats and stuff.

However, I just want to speak from a 30,000 foot up perspective about something positive. When I get frustrated about all the struggling I see and challenges I feel we face as a collective, I turn to what we have to feel hopeful about.

And one of those things is the massive convergence of multiple generations of folks all moving toward making the world better. Whether that is aging Baby Boomers who want to return to their values from the days of the world-changing 60s or young folks so acutely aware of issues without being burdened by years of bitterness…or folks in the middle learning that a life of meaning is more than money and requires us to give and volunteer toward a better world. No matter the generation (or the motivation), I am hopeful that we will see a convergence of generations all cooperating with their different capacities and knowledge to co-create a better world for all of us.

Add to this the tremendous opportunity of the rollover of wealth. Plus the rising emergence of open values and collective intelligence…and I think there is reason to hope. There is a huge shift we must make to become a world capable of supporting human thriving…but it is possible. And the will power is gathering momentum.

One thought on “Generational Convergence

  • A wonderful sentiment as we move into the new year! Best wishes to all for a year of positive change in 2008 …

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