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Jan 05

Creativity & Emergence : Interview with Michelle James

Each Wednesday, we post an interview with someone who is living, exploring, or championing aspects of thrivability – people at the forefront of cultural, organizational, or individual change.

Michelle James has been pioneering Applied Creativity and Applied Improvisation in business in the Washington, DC area since 1994. She is CEO of The Center for Creative …

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Oct 26

Find Good Questions

Today I dropped a whole series of tweets that are part of an understanding I am working on. Each nuggets lives alone, but the whole, I hope, is greater than the parts, and thus I post it in whole here.

Hybridity. Transcend and include. Hard to see, wearing attributes of past paradigms when useful, past …

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Apr 23

The Upward Spiral

Thrivability is all about the intentful creation of upward spirals, positive feedback loops between elements that are generative of diverse, adaptive abundance. This is true both for the design of the ecological aspect of systems, as well as for the social aspect of systems.

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Apr 20

Designing Thrivable Creation Spaces

photo credit: steve p2008

Thrivability, at its core, is all about creating environments that are generative of adaptive diverse abundance, both in the sense of nature, and in the sense of the potential for innovation present in an organization. If people come together with a sense of purposive play, then innovation emerges from the dynamic …

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