‘Tis the Stuff Season!

Which means it is an ideal time to grab a cup of tea and watch this: http://www.storyofstuff.com/

Many years ago I toyed with the idea of writing a paper about how flea markets and garage sales are forms of “resistance” to consumer culture. And in a way they are, as the sites of production do not benefit from the “resale” of goods through these avenues. But still, it perpetuates the very notion of happiness through consumption that leads us toward mass consumption of anti-depressants along with all the other stuff that can never fill the void of our disconnected materialist lives.

I don’t watch tv and I avoid ads on websites, sticking to a space on the internet unmarred by flashing lights. I still consume. I am not wholly free. But I can see some lights shining. One comes from giving–when we give or act as a gift to others–all the people (giver, receiver, and observers) experience positive chemical flow in their bodies. Self-made anti-depressants. Give and get happy!