Inspired Philanthropy

Today, we release the website for the forthcoming 3rd edition of Inspired Philanthropy. Phil blogged it.

I have been honored to participate in the development of this edition. Also, Tracy has asked that I refer to myself as co-founder of Inspired Legacies, because of my involvement in some of the development, creation, and projects of Inspired Legacies since August of 2005. I am deeply honored by and grateful for this designation!

Now through November 6th, a Donor Diva Challenge, allows anyone who buys Inspired Philanthropy, to designate a free copy to a nonprofit of their choice! Buy the book and give the book to a nonprofit. Give the gift of transformational giving.

And check out the website, not just because I worked so hard on it either! There are loads of resources–exercises and worksheets, the whole appendix! Pdfs, uploaded and available free for you to use!

Also, note, National Philanthropy Day is November 15th!