Green Dinners

Recently an amazing network weaver friend, Steve “Habib” Rose, passed away unexpectedly. I have been thinking about this idea for many months, as it relates to his efforts around neighborhoods connecting. And I decided I best get started! Please feel free, if you knew Habib, to host a Green Dinner in his name. Suggested topics for conversation might be peace and neighborhood networking.

Now is the time. Connect to those you care about and take action on what matters to you.

Green Dinners allow people in our local community to come together, not only to enjoy each others company, but also to bring up relevant issues occurring in our neighborhood that we’d like to change. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, strengthen friendships, eat nourishing food, and to get in touch with your community.

Green Dinners first initiated with Beyond Today.

I think this is a brilliant idea. After attending a gathering in Houston of local spiritual folks to talk about spirituality facilitated by the book and cards of Amazing Faith of Texas, I thought, why are we not doing this for green issues?

What you need to host a green dinner:

* Space to host dinners
* list of neighbors or community members to invite
* invitation (may or may not request food be shared and be local, fair-trade, organic)
* open attitude

Connect face-to-face around the issues you care about and discuss them over a shared meal, potluck style.

Please host or attend a Green Dinner in your community. Invite your friends over to discuss green issues, whatever that means to you.

For now, please use the to share and discuss. I encourage you to post photos and highlights of conversations. By naming these events and conversations, I hope you will help me spread the word about the importance of a Greener World. The more we talk about it, name it, expand it, the more it spirals out into the world, inspiring and evolving this great work of ours.

Opportunities to help Green Dinners: help write a standard invitation, help create simple guide to facilitation of conversation, sponsor dinners and share online about them. Get other people involved.