One Web Day

Where would I be without the web? One Web Day celebrates the connection and collaboration that the web enables us to have.

I couldn’t do the work I do without the web. I have serviced clients without ever meeting them or even talking on the phone. And those that I do meet or call also connect with me online. I live in Illinois, but most of my clients are not in Illinois, some are not even in the US. Some of my friends like to remind me that the work I do is something I could, because of the web, do from anywhere there is an internet connection. Anywhere. And this is just the beginning. In the last month, I have started wiki collaborations. Several ideas I have brewing heavily involve online collaboration, often by international participants. Not only couldn’t I do my work without the web, more and more my work is the web.

My personal life? Yeah, well with friends spread from sea to shining sea and beyond, the web connects us. Whether it is sharing ideas and photos of potential bridesmaid dresses or talking on Voip, the web connects us, enables us to talk in ways we couldn’t have done as freely without this medium. I have friends from my online community, some I consider good friends though I may not even know their home address. And my intereactions with them are all web-based. In fact it is odd when you do finally meet them face-to-face to start to put a body with a writing style or opinion.

I do much of my volunteering work virtually too!

Okay, I admit it. I am on the computer a lot! I love the internet! Long live the internet!