Peer to Peer

Catalytic Communities recently celebrated their successful fund-raising drive through the peer to peer network activity of Pledgebank by drawing a lucky winner for a trip for two to Rio. A doctor, Jason Yax, won the trip, and he says he will be taking his brother Justin. Both Jason and Justin focus their attention on infectious disease and international work. Look for future updates from Catalytic Communities on their new blog.

Peer to Peer network activity seems to fit strongly with my values. And there is something in the network analysis information I have read from Valdis Krebs which makes me think there is a clear argument about how peer to peer networks have great strength as opposed to top-down networks which restrict information flow and dis-empower people at all levels. I will be reading more about network analysis, and let you know. For now, check out the network analysis papers Valdis has listed on his site,