Thought Partnership

Over and over again in my journeys, people keep saying how much the thought partnership we have provides  so much value.

Are you giving yourself the time to move to the next level in your thinking? Or do you get trapped in the day to day of design, manage, or measure. If you keep doing the same thing, you are going to keep getting the same results.

Thinking into how and why you do what you do and how you might do it differently gives you the opportunity to level up. Game on. \o/

Invent your future. Create it. Thoughtfully.

You want a thought partner who is deeply engaged with the edge on many fronts, so you can think through social behavior, cultural evolution, emergent patterns, and practical application of your ideas.

Who is that for you?

Sure, sometimes you need to think by yourself. Make time for your own reflections.

Yes. And, sometimes you need an insightful,  edge-riding, cross-pollinating thinking partner to help you expand possibilities. Discover new realms. Uncover new strategies.

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“If you are someone who finds yourself on the ragged edge of innovation and change, and are seeking a guide, coach, advisor or spirit to help navigate elusive territory where rules are not fully formed, you really ought to engage Jean. For the past year, Jean has served as a counselor as I undertake a major leadership challenge with w1sd0m. Jean’s connection to universal truths provides her with an unusually deep awareness and clear vision of the underlying social dynamics of a group. Her technical acumen and web savvy bring a relevant context to technology execs, while her passion for thrivability makes her an excellent guide to sustainable business leaders. Her manner is a mix of deep empathy and a tough-minded insight that will soothe your anxiety while heightening your understanding of a difficult situation. I strongly recommend this experience for someone who wants to evolve into the next wave of leadership.”

Greg Berry, President, w1sd0m

“…I can say without hesitation that my work with [Jean] has enabled me to break through or navigate around a range of mental roadblocks. It has involved a combination of brainstorming, challenging assumptions and beliefs, and the drawing out of spaghetti-scattered thought patterns and re-arranging them into something that I can more clearly visualize and act upon…”

Greg Murray, General Manager, Templeton Galt

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