The Agency

We are all about agency. Your agency. Your power. Activation. Come and make your agency epic!

We offer the tools and process to have fun getting things done.

You care about your productivity. In fact, you’ve probably tried some combination of GTD, Kanban, SCRUM, or Pomodoro timers. You saw their value. Yet, none of them really fit you and the way you think or do your work – so you stopped.

You don’t have to give up.

We can help you know your quirks and motivations (and those of your team), so we can create methods of productivity that feel like play to you.

By the time we’re done, you’ll become productive in ways unique to your strengths, without feeling the drudgery you’ve come to expect from slogging against your weaknesses. Don’t feel you have to work harder – or smarter.

You just have to play more.

Jean had laser like focus in showing me the one tweak I could make to support myself better. Suddenly I am doing what I failed to do for months. ~ Mamading Ceesay, London Creative Labs

We offer Play Your Way at the Agency as a small experimental laboratory for learning how to design your efforts to get energized, achieve flow states, and surpass your goals. The Agency offers 4 levels of services to help you find the best way for you to play to success. How hands on do you want us to be? Visit the Agency to discover more.

The Agency is the accelerator of Thrivable Inc.

Questions? See our FAQ. Want to talk with us? Email TheAgency at Thrivable dot net. or ask @Thrivable.

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