Europe Tour Post 4

(I will get back to post 3) Stockholm Stockholm The conference is ending, and I am leave right before the final dinner. Vans take us to the train station. I plug in my ticket confirmation number to the machine to get my ticket printed. (Someone points out the little British flag, so it displays in[…]

Europe Tour Post 2

June 3 – Thursday Reworking Last night was quite a sight. First, it doesn’t get dark here until past midnight and starts getting light by 3am. So when I say sight, I mean you can see clearly. I also mean to say – there was something to see. The 1700 participants at Rework are housed[…]

Savoring People in San Fran

Wow, what an incredible trip. Friday night I arrived in San Francisco. Michael Maranda and I drove to the San Fran University area to meet with the Appropedia folks organizing the Open Sustainability Network camp. Discovering that they didn’t have a clear plan for facilitation, I stepped in. I knew if I didn’t that it[…]