Getting certified through Thrivable enables you to take the framework and practices of thriving back to your organization or your client’s organization.  Thrivable Agents, Guides, and Sages are consultants, coaches, managers, trainers, and thought leaders who are at the forefront of personal and organizational adaptability and creativity.

Tiers of certification

Agent: Thrivable Agents have completed the introductory workshop and are equipped to use ideas within their community and organization.

Guide: Thrivable Guides have completed Agent and Guide training and have demonstrated experience at applying thrivable practices within their community and organization.

Sage: Thrivable Sages have completed all training and have worked at least six months applying thrivable practices with the guidance of the Thrivable Team.

Paths to certification

Agent Training occurs in major cities on a rotating basis as a one or two day intensive.  It can also be brought directly into your organization in an interactive workshop format.

Guide and Sage Training occur twice per year in San Francisco.  Check the upcoming schedule for details.

Areas covered by certification

Thrivable training introduces ideas and practices that transform the world we live in.  Facilitated by a network of deeply experienced professionals, our learning model grounds you in ongoing and supported practice. We equip you to apply the principles of thrivability to your specific situation and interests.  To ensure ongoing success with implementation, Agents, Guides, and Sages participate in an ongoing practice community with continued support and involvement from the Thrivable Team.

Upcoming certification workshops

Agent Training: Winter, 2011  New York

Guide/Sage Training: Spring, 2011  San Francisco