We primarily consult with startups and organizations in transition.

We apply an ecosystem development approach to startups and organizations in transition.

The Thrivable Network helps businesses and not-for-profits thrive within their market and community.  Whether you are looking to transform your organization internally or reposition your company within the marketplace, the application of Thrivable principles and practices will equip you to move confidently into the future.


After contacting Thrivable, we will arrange an initial phone call to review your goals and needs.   Then, we will offer a proposal, assembling the most relevant Sages within the Thrivable network to measure your organization’s ability to thrive.  Costs will be based on length and depth of engagement.  Recommendations will be offered, which may or may not include further training.  One to five days onsite will be required.


Thrivable offers leadership teams and business units the opportunity to receive Agent Training designed according to the needs of your organization and market.  Organizational Agent Training equips your people with the building blocks to create and measure a holistic strategy that will impact your community, employees, customers, and bottom line.  Training occurs over the course of one or two days, and is limited to 25 individuals.  All attendees will get the ongoing benefits of Agent Certification, including participation in a practicing community.


The Thrivable Network consists of over 50 people who are leading edge thinkers and practitioners within their disciplines.  Some are academics, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and business executives.  For consulting engagements or Agent Certification, the most relevant team members will be chosen based on your needs and market.