The art and craft of a flourishing life.

We provide coaching for individuals and organizations seeking to thrive.

As a certified NLP Coach with a degree in Philosophy, Jean Russell is highly sensitive to the subtleties of language and gesture, discerning where shifts can be made and asking powerful and challenging questions enabling transformation while holding a warm comfortable space for discovery.

Currently, most of our coaching has been integrated into The Agency

We offer the following introductory packages:

Tune Up Package

Designed for individuals looking to assess, tweak, and receive feedback on goals and intentions.  Perfect for when you are in a dry spell, in a transitional phase, or are suffering from low energy.

$500 for 5 1-hour sessions

Questions to consider in preparation:

  • How would you describe the gap between where you are and where you want to be?
  • How would you describe what you want to move away from?  Move toward?
  • How are you getting in your own way?

Decision Point Package

Decision point coaching assists you in clarifying a path in the midst of an opportunity or crisis.

$225 for 2 1-hour sessions

Questions to consider in preparation:

  • What criteria are you using to judge a successful decision?
  • What decreases your energy level around your options?  What excites you?
  • What will making this decision bring you?

Laser Coaching Package

Condensed coaching sessions work well for creatively addressing task-based challenges, celebrating progress, and establishing a partnership of accountability.

$325 for 12 15-minute sessions

Questions to consider in preparation:

  • Where are you stuck?
  • What perspective will allow you to see your challenges differently?
  • When are you most successful in how you approach challenges?

Brainstorming Package

Playing with ideas, finding where passion, purpose, and need intersect.

Costs dependent upon scope.

Some questions to consider in preparation:

  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • What do you know you don’t know?
  • What real or imagined perspective would bring in new or useful information?

Custom Packages

Available for individuals, leadership teams, and organizations.  Contact Us to discuss options.


“If you are someone who finds yourself on the ragged edge of innovation and change, and are seeking a guide, coach, advisor or spirit to help navigate elusive territory where rules are not fully formed, you really ought to engage Jean. For the past year, Jean has served as a counselor and coach as I undertake a major leadership challenge with w1sd0m. Jean’s connection to universal truths provides her with an unusually deep awareness and clear vision of the underlying social dynamics of a group. Her technical acumen and web savvy bring a relevant context to technology execs, while her passion for thrivability makes her an excellent guide to sustainable business leaders. Her manner is a mix of deep empathy and a tough-minded insight that will soothe your anxiety while heightening your understanding of a difficult situation. I have generally been suspect of the executive coaching phenomena, but I strongly recommend this experience for someone who wants to evolve into the next wave of leadership.”

Greg Berry, President, w1sd0m


“I appreciate Jean’s keen insights on how people behave and why they do what they do. I’ve seen her bring clarity to situations that had been long befuddling to those involved, and I’ve seen her unlock the potential in people who were trying to find their way. In all, Jean’s a great coach, an empathic teacher and a relentless network weaver.”

Thomas Kriese, President at Pathbreaker Consulting LLC


“…I can say without hesitation that my work with [Jean] has enabled me to break through or navigate around a range of mental roadblocks. It has involved a combination of brainstorming, challenging assumptions and beliefs, and the drawing out of spaghetti-scattered thought patterns and re-arranging them into something that I can more clearly visualize and act upon…”

Greg Murray, General Manager, Templeton Galt

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