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Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works, Triarchy Press, October 2013.

Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works

(working title)

Update: the book is drafted and at the publisher, Triarchy Press. Publication October 2013.



Our thanks to donors Herman Wagter, John Hagel, and Manar Hussain, Lewis Hoffman, Deanna Zandt, Gerard Senehi, Drake Zimmerman, Amir Baghdadi, Monica Zaucha, Christopher Douglas, Imaginify, Kurt Opprecht, and Todd Hoskins.

Thank you to other contributors and supporters: Danielle Lanyard, Bernd Nurnberger, Deanna Zandt, and Christine Egger.

Jean Russell synthesizes the breakthroughs emerging that can make a thrivable world that works inevitable and compelling. After grounding the work in how stories create visions and drive action as well as a primer on navigating uncertainty, the breakthroughs discussed include:

  • how we understand the human mind in particular motivation, happiness, collaboration, and creativity
  • how people engage together in the social revolution unfolding
  • ways developments in metrics, data visualization, and game development allow us to know ourselves and take actions.

This book guides the reader in how to navigate this extraordinarily complex world in a way that can improve your collaborations, your organizations environment, and your community. Together we can create a great world that works. Here is how. With short explanations helping you make sense of what is happening so you can take everyday action. Each chapter includes very practical questions and exercises. Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works inspires through a pragmatic approach to great life and productive, creative work.

Fundraising: $5000 by June 30, 2011

Total needed is $15,000

$5000 from Thrivable Champions like you!

With pledges, we are 70% to our thrivable champions goal!
Jean has put $5000 of her own funds to make this happen.
Her family has given her a space to live, for free, while writing. A $5000 value!
Will you help be the third match for making this possible?

Funds cover

  • Taking book from concept to draft
  • Creating a proposal for getting the book published


Gifts of attention:

  • links to resources for more exploration, blog posts on progress, sharing our development together with your network

Financial gift levels:

Gifts of $25 or more

  • gratitude on twitter and website
  • access to chapter in progress and mention in the chapter as a contributor

$250 or more

  • All the above and
  • Signed printed copy of Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch
  • Mention in the Acknowledgements section of the book as a champion of the project.

$500 or more

  • All the above and
  • One month (4 hours) of individual thrivability conversation/coaching  (can be gifted to others)

$1000 or more

  • All the above and
  • Three months (12 hours) of thrivability conversation/coaching

Other ways of being a contributor:

  • Help crowdfund and join our conversation
  • Suggest an agent
  • Suggest a publisher
  • Suggest an editor
  • Be a reader/reviewer
  • Contribute a story
    • We are looking for stories that exemplify thrivability including:
      • examples of where a shift in storytelling enabled passionate action
      • examples of designing for sharing/generosity grew a business or organization
      • examples of data and visual communication of information created a feedback loop that led to significant shift in results
      • examples of games that led to a flourishing community or shifted impact

For other contributions, contact Jean on twitter at @nurturegirl or email Thrivable via gmail.

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