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Around the world people co-create thrivability for communities and organizations. Each thrivability champion has their own area of interest and talents, and together we help to usher in a new world view and approach. We come from a place of curiosity and wonder, open to new possibilities.



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Jean M Russell
Champion for Thrivability since 2007
Jean M Russell is a social ecosystem designer, culture hacker, and facilitator. As a founder of the thrivability movement and expert on collective thriving, Jean speaks to and with change agents, innovators, builders, and edge-riders around the world. Her work on thrivability, innovation, philanthropy, and cultural shifts has been highlighted in the Economist, Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Worldchanging. She received an honorable mention on the enrichlist, as one of the top 200 people of all time “whose contributions enrich paths to sustainable futures.”

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