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Feb 06

Resilience Ain’t Enough

Compare Thrivable

It isn’t enough to repair the damage our progress has brought. The unintended consequences of our efforts to improve quality of life for humans has repercussions and requires action.  Yes, and. It is also not enough to manage our risks and be more shock-resistant. Now is not only the time to course correct and be more …

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Feb 29


It may seem like I am an optimist and the whole thrivability effort is full of utopian idealism. I am sure, for me, that is not the case. I am a pragmatist. While I love exploring, if the exploration doesn’t result in something that matters and gets tangibly completed, I feel like I wasted the …

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Jul 11

Catastrophe Thinking

I am pretty sure my entire life has been lived under the hovering cloud of the apocalypse. Sure there were moments of possibility – the fall of the wall, the election of Obama, the end of apartheid in South Africa. But mostly the global events we hear about focus on the end of civilization as we …

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Apr 06

Flash Collaboration Discussion


The HUB Berkeley, Friday April 9th at noon Berkeley, CA

Brown Bag lunch with Jean Russell, curator of Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch. Jean will present and discuss flash collaboration. She used this process to involve 70 collaborators from across the world in producing an ebook in less than 90 days. The ebook was repeatedly …

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Jul 31

Fund Thrivable.org kick-off

After three years of exploration and network building, writing and discussion, planning and processing, Thrivable.org is just about ready for kick-off. We will have a soft launch to our friends and collaborators this month (August) and will run a pilot for three to six months.

While I have self-funded the development until this point, the …

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Apr 24

Network Weaving: A Key to Creating Thrivability

photo credit: Aaron Escobar™

My roots are connected deep into the ground, engaged in a continuous interplay with the soil, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, insects, and water, gathering nourishment to help me thrive.  My leaves and branches dance with the wind, the sun, with animals, birds, insects, microorganisms, bacteria, all in continual flow. My body returns …

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Apr 24

Gross International Happiness

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

What does success look like in a thrivable system?

Perhaps success looks like happiness! Figuring out the characteristics of a thrivable system might be looking for systems where there is happiness.

And how do you know if there is happiness? Well as my friend Sian claims …

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Apr 23

The Upward Spiral

Thrivability is all about the intentful creation of upward spirals, positive feedback loops between elements that are generative of diverse, adaptive abundance. This is true both for the design of the ecological aspect of systems, as well as for the social aspect of systems.

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Apr 20

Designing Thrivable Creation Spaces

photo credit: steve p2008

Thrivability, at its core, is all about creating environments that are generative of adaptive diverse abundance, both in the sense of nature, and in the sense of the potential for innovation present in an organization. If people come together with a sense of purposive play, then innovation emerges from the dynamic …

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