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Nov 05

Incubating Entrepreneurs

I am picturing some very driven inspired individuals under a warming light. But we know it takes a lot more than that.

Co-creating the world we want and doing so in new ways takes a network of people and some great mentorship, resource sharing, and support. This weekend we will be incubating some social innovation …

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Oct 19

COSI10 in Chicago

I am super excited to be organizing the Chicago event of COSI10. We will be gathering on November 6th and 7th to learn, share, and breakthrough together. We welcome social innovators from nonprofits, for profits, and blended hybrid efforts as well as those who champion social innovation. Together, we will discuss the field of social …

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Jun 13

Europe Tour Post 2

June 3 – Thursday Reworking Last night was quite a sight. First, it doesn’t get dark here until past midnight and starts getting light by 3am. So when I say sight, I mean you can see clearly. I also mean to say – there was something to see. The 1700 participants at Rework are housed …

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Jun 06

Europe Tour Post 1

I am sitting in seat 32 of a bus I didn’t plan to take. This is an accident. However, 32 is my lucky number, so let’s say it is a happy accident. I sat here without knowing I was choosing my lucky number. And so it goes. We often don’t even know when happy accidents …

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Oct 28

Philanthropy – field changing

This is extracted from a note I sent out to Leaders engaged with Inspired Legacies:

The theme for my trip seemed to be democratization of philanthropy and knowledge sharing across internet sites and organizational silos.

Tracy and I met up and joined Leif and Eric Utne along with several of my friends for dinner. Eric …

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