Exceptional Life of Clare Mulvany

I followed her travels around the world, while she interviewed social entrepreneurs. We IMed about travel, entrepreneurship, headaches, and poetry. I continue to watch to see how her project emerges, and I eagerly look forward to the book she is writing. A reciprocalthank you Clare, for all you have done to inspire me. And a[…]

Serving, Fixing, and Helping

Recently I (virtually) met Cory who heads up the Action Hero Network. He sent this out to us from the facebook group. In the Service of Life Serving is different from helping. Helping incurs debt. But serving, like healing, is mutual. Serving is also different from fixing. There is distance between ourselves and whatever or[…]

Field Building? What is that?

Social network analysis reveals the nodes and their connections. Yes. “The nodes in the network are the people and groups while the links show relationships or flows between the nodes.” Great. What about the things that support the nodes and their ability to make connections. This is the field of the network, and it functions[…]

Nurture Tools

I have been working over at wagn.nurture.biz to add some tools and resources. Here are articles I have written about coaching and philanthropy. Then, here are some book reviews which are usually one page descriptions and summaries of books like Freakonomics. And some new worksheets for entrepreneurs looking toward venture financing. And a Development Plan[…]